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is a peer-reviewed journal published in February, June and October by BIAR Publisher. BIoHS Journal welcomes research paper in humanities: language and linguistics, history, literature, performing art, philosophy, religion, visual arts. Social sciences: economic, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, culture and ethics studies, gender and sexuality studies, archaeology and other related fields which is published in both online and printed versions.

ISSN: 2685-3868 (online) | 2685-1989 (print)

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Vol 3 No 2 (2021): Britain International of Humanities and Social Sciences, June
Published: June, 2021

No. Title / Author Page
The Development of the Tarekat among the Madurese Population until the Beginning of the 20th Century
Do Brand Image and Brand Trust Mediate the Effect of Service Quality on Brand Loyalty? Lessons from Higher Education Sector 
Milcha Handayani Tammubua
Do Participatory Leadership Style, Motivation, and Work Environment Affect Employee Performance? Lessons from Local Organization in An Emerging Country
Endah Suryani, Ferdinandus Christian, Mohammad Imam Farisi
The Effects of Leadership, Competence, and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance Mediated By Employee Satisfaction 
Triono Nugroho, Anita Erari, Sandra Sukmaning Adji
The Effects of Motivation, Leadership, and Work Environment on Employee's Performance: A Case of Local Government Agency in Emerging Country
Shantini Rumbi, Ferdinandus Christian, Suparti
The Role of Journalists in Socializing Money Waqf
M. Yoserizal Saragih
 7. The Influence of Leadership Style, Organizational Culture, and Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance Department of Education and Culture of Yapen Islands
Edison Musa Kayoi, Bonifasia Elita Bharanti, Sri Listyarini


 8. The Effect of Floor and Swiss Ball Exercises Using Circuit Training Methods towards Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Muscle Endurance
Risfandi Setyawan, Hari Setijono, Nining Widyah Kusnanik
 9. The Effect of Single Leg and Double Leg Bounding Exercise Program (BEP) on Increasing the Physical Ability of Agility, Strength, Balance and Leg Muscle Power 
Mohammad Zaim Zen, Hari Setiono, Nining Widyah
10. Article 24C Paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia: History and Critical Analysis of Disputes on the Authority of State Institutions
Demas Brian W, Sudarsono, Rachmad Safa’at, Muchamad Ali Safa’at

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